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Cello | Violin | Piano Instructor

Benz is a professional musician, and an accomplished, classically-trained cellist. He started his music journey at The Washington Conservatory of Music in Washington, DC where he was also a member of the DC National Symphony Orchestra fellowship program. In 2015 Benz moved to Los Angeles to continue with his music endeavors. He served as the cellist for the CSUN Honors String Quartet and principal cello of CSUN Symphony under the guidance of Diane Roscetti. He performed with accomplished artists like Serj Tankian, Aida Cuevas, Luciana Souza, and more. 


Benz holds a Bachelor of Music degree and maintains an active schedule of performing and teaching. He works on different projects such as LABY Harmony Project of the New West Symphony as a site coordinator and he is a cellist for California’s Young Artist Symphony.


Benz is passionate about education and he is a motivated and enthusiastic educator. He aims to advocate for diversity in symphony orchestras and bring the joy of classical music to underserved minority communities. 

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