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Piano | Guitar | Ukulele | Music Production Instructor

Brandon is a pianist, guitarist, and music producer residing in Los Angeles. He grew up in a family rich in musical history consisting of a line of renowned violinists. As a result, Brandon began piano lessons at age 6. He then joined concerts and marching bands from grades 6-11 as a saxophonist. He later began guitar lessons around age 15. Today Brandon is currently taking violin lessons, honoring his grandfathers.


He attended Fullerton College and got his BA in Music Industry Studies at Cal State Northridge where he excelled in all his music and music tech classes. He was only 1 of around 3 people in his degree who tested out of multiple music classes and music tech classes, advancing straight to the high-level courses.


Brandon’s love for music has landed him where he is today as an accomplished music producer and songwriter. He has produced many songs with artists that have landed in shows on Netflix, HBO Max, and NBC. His song with artist “Hope Tala” was notably on President Barack Obama’s infamous “My Favorite Music This Year” list in 2020. 


Brandon’s passion for teaching began in 2016 at a non-profit organization called “A Place Called Home” in central LA. There he began his music teaching experience where he taught kids of all age ranges. He recalls the lessons he received as a child and how he wished they were more interesting and less monotonous. He loves teaching students in a way that is not only fundamental but engaging and interactive. He is classically trained, but you will usually find him playing jazz piano in his spare time.

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